Save Money With Custom Preventive Maintenance Programs

photo of metal roof slopeA preventive maintenance program can help you save money in the future by protecting your investment up front. In fact, statistics show that for every dollar you spend on preventive maintenance for a commercial roof, you can save up to $7 on repairs down the road.

Patriot Roofing Systems will customize a preventive maintenance program for your commercial business, apartment building, condo, etc. to keep it functioning properly. Regular inspections will check for damage to the roof, defective roofing materials, possible problems such as overhanging trees or clogged drains, and removal of any debris on the roof. We will identify and correct any problems with caulking, pipe seals or problems with water flow.

In addition to regular inspections, we will provide service following severe weather such as hail storms or hurricanes. These weather events have the potential to create minor or major damage to your roof. Damaged shingles can allow moisture to seep through and eventually find its way to your home’s interior. 

Shingle damage can be spotted easily by our roofing professionals. You may also see granules around the roofline of your home, which signal the deterioration of shingles. This is caused both by age as well as damage.  roof shingles that are cracked and curling

Other damage can include dents typically caused by hail or falling tree limbs, as well as cracking or curling around the edges. Our preventive maintenance program can easily identify these problems early and prevent major damage to your home. Depending on the age and condition of the roof, they can often be repaired rather than installing a new roof.

For more information about our Preventive Maintenance program, contact Patriot Roofing Services today.